How To: New Hacks On U-Dictionary App On Android You May Not Know Exist (Updated).

The University of Waterloo, in Canada, volunteered to design the database. There were changes in the arrangement of the volumes – for example volume 7 covered only N-Poy, the remaining “P” entries being transferred to volume 8. William Shakespeare is the most-quoted writer in the completed dictionary, with Hamlet his most-quoted work. Collectively, the Bible is the most-quoted work ; the most-quoted single work is Cursor Mundi. A quotation slip as used in the compilation of the OED, illustrating the word flood. 20 years after its conception, the dictionary project finally had a publisher.

  • Calling ride will remove the highlight created by prior calls to watch and watch-me, highlighting the ridden turtle instead.
  • In January 2013 the Third New International website service was rebranded as the Unabridged with the first “Release” of 4,800 new and revised entries added to the site.
  • This application comes with a collection of more than 90,000 common words along with their synonyms and antonyms support as well.
  • Meaning and definitions of ആപ്പ്, app meaning, translation of ആപ്പ് in English language with similar and opposite words.
  • NOOK for Mac does not currently support NOOK Magazines, Newspapers, NOOK Comics and Graphic Novels, enhanced NOOK Books, PagePerfect™ NOOK Books, or any other content types besides basic NOOK Books.

Selchow and Righter asked Merriam-Webster Inc. to produce the dictionary using only words that appeared in five collegiate dictionaries. These were those from Random House, The American Heritage Dictionary, Webster’s New World Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, and Funk & Wagnalls. The first edition was published in 1978, with the second edition released in 1991. It is probably one of the most expensive apps available for English learners, but there are none more comprehensive than this one.


Life throws up enough nasty surprises without people inventing imaginary problems for themselves. But you can defend people without gleefully inventing whole new insults. The reasons they invent businesses and make sacrifices are much more varied and complex. And they claim they could invent a machine to see into our thoughts within ten years. Other people getting rich means other people working to invent things for you. The theory goes that it imprinted them with the idea of inventing the new man.

Besides showing word definitions like other apps, you can also check for the nearest words, synonyms, pronunciation and an in-app Wiki search if you’re connected to the internet. Talking about system-wide word definition, you can either enable ctrl+right click or use a configurable keyboard hotkey to find definitions even faster. If you want to learn and stretch your vocabulary with random words and their meaning, this app might boost your curiosity with its homepage.

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Real learning and growth are inhibited because team members withhold information from each other. This withholding leads to distrust and is difficult to remedy because even if employees attempt to become more forthcoming, lack of trust sours interactions. When organizations are operating in single-loop learning, they get stuck in what Argyris calls the Double Bind. Because there’s no value placed on questioning why the team is doing something, team members are either punished for speaking up or punished for not speaking up if something goes wrong down the line. Single-loop learning is when planning leads to action, which leads to reflection on those actions and then back to planning, action, and more reflection.

The first method lets you delete individual words, and the second one lets you U-Dictionary clear all words at once. Alternatively, you can add words to a dictionary file so that you don’t have to add words as you go. Moreover, since you add all your words to a single file, you can easily back it up or copy it to another system. If there is a spelling mistake in the words you type, Windows will show a red squiggly line under that specific word. When you see that, simply right-click on that word and select the “Add to dictionary” option. The word will be instantly added to the internal Windows dictionary.


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