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Quirky Yet The Best-Haunted Casinos In The World!


Haunted places can drive anyone crazy. Some might believe in superstitions or facts or stories related to haunted places; some might would not believe. But no matter what, horror stories build curiosity and can drive us crazy. So, we have come up with a list of some of the best-haunted casinos in the world!

Haunted casinos? Are they for real?

Yes and no! These casinos are said to be the most haunted places in the world. However, it is up to you to decide whether they are haunted or not!


● Is Bugsy seen in ‘The Flamingo Hotel and Casino’?

Bugsy Siegel, one of his time’s scary gangsters, was also the backbone in establishing The Flamingo Hotel and Casino. There are rumors that Bugsy is still roaming in the hotel and casino. In addition, the hotel residents have claimed that they have seen Bugsy in the Presidential Suite.
Others believe that Bugsy was killed in Beverley Hills as he refused to share the hotel’s profit money.
The visitors say that you can find him near the wedding chapel and right next to the outdoor memorial!


● The Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas!

There are rumors that seven workers have perished during the hotel and casino construction, and people believe that the hotel management covered up the issue to preserve its reputation. Amidst the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas, the visitors claim they have spotted any of the seven souls, especially in the quieter areas; people have spotted ghosts entering through the tunnels during the riverboat ride at the Nile!
The hotel, also known as the ‘Great Pyramid of Vegas,’ is also believed to have a Titanic exhibit most probably haunted at the Luxor.

● Paranormal activities at ‘Bally’s resort and Casino’?


Bally’s is one of those horror stories that one has never heard of!
Bally’s is said to have been constructed on the older casino, MGM Grand Hotel, where 85 people lost their lives due to a tragic fire accident; where, few of them died as they trapped themselves in stairwells to escape from the fire, and some of them slept.
The visitors have claimed many ghosts roaming together, and some of them walk freely alone in the hotel!
It is said that there are clear signs of paranormal activities, shadowy figures, and inexplicable footsteps inside the casino. So, be careful before you walk in as it might give you sleepless nights!

● A ghostly woman at Canfield Casino?


Canfield Casino, which originated in the late 1800s, is a casino and one of the best wedding venues in the world. However, do not mind if your wedding has some uninvited guests!
Later, there were paranormal activities continued in the casino. A ghostly woman was sighted in a Victorian Era outfit at the hotel corridors. The second sighting was when a visitor was asked a question by a similar spirit and disappeared!

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